2019 New 6th Grade  Student Orientation  Thursday, August 29th
12:00 Noon - 3:00 P.M.

Our New Student Orientation for incoming 6th graders is scheduled for Thursday, August 29th at noon.   6th Grade students start at 12:00 with a pizza lunch followed by activities designed to get them familiar with the staff and school.   Parents, guardians and students new to Mayfield in 7th and 8th grader are asked to join us at 1:45 for their own orientations.  At 2:15, parents will meet up with their students and get a chance to meet the teachers.

First Day of School is Tuesday, September 3rd!

We are busy getting the schedules together for the upcoming school year.  Homeroom classes will be posted in mid August.  Students will get their schedules in homeroom the first day of school.

*Incoming 6th graders will get their schedules at New Student Orientation.  If your child misses the orientation, schedules will be ready for them in homeroom the first day of school.   You can also access the schedule on Synergy, via the parent portal after August 31st.




Make sure to submit your photo!  Click here for more information: 
MWMS Summer Photo Contest

How does drop off work on October 30th?

6th Grade Staff will be in the cafeteria starting at 7:40 A.M.  If you come early, we will not be ready for you.  Please wait outside the school by the cafeteria doors.
Students going on the Outdoor Ed trip enter school through the cafeteria doors with their luggage.     Each table will have a CABIN SIGN and NUMBER on it.  Cabin lists will also be posted.
  • Students should find the table that has their CABIN NAME and Number on it.   Place your luggage on the table/benches. 
  • Students made luggage tags in their classes to prepare for the trip. Find the luggage tag you made.  It will be  on your table and fasten it onto each piece of luggage.  Tie the strings in a knot so they do not fall off.
  • Students then report to HOMEROOM.  
THE LUGGAGE IS PACKED ON A "LUGGAGE BUS" and will drive up to camp before the students.  That mean that student will not be able to access their luggage on the way up.   Students should keep any items they want on the ride up with them like phones, water bottles, books, etc.  (not pillows).

How does pick up work November 1st?

We will be heading out of camp around 11:30.  Since there are variables with the trip, Mr. Pruett will send out an email from CANVAS to all parents with the estimated time of arrival back at Mayfield Woods once we leave camp.   It will likely be around 1:00 when we arrive back to school.
The luggage bus will arrive first and we will need help unloading the luggage and lining it up by cabin name and number.  If you are available to come early and help, we would appreciate that.
When you arrive, please do not pull into the bus lane if the buses are unloading.   Once the buses are unloaded, the students will be around the flag pole waiting for pick up.   Items lost or without cabin tags will be placed at the flag pole.
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